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The Great Ning Closure of 2010 axed the AnonComix site, as we're not paying them money for their shitty service. The AnonComix Project is thus in hosting limbo for now, but we continue to make work for public dissemination and amusement.  Just recently posted is the pages of "Anonymous Comics 2: Fair Game", wherein Archer and Rin Tohsaka of 'Fate: Stay Night' fame feel the sting of Scientology's scam.

This work was released at the Tokyo Summer Comiket (C78), and assuming our application goes through, we will be attending C79 in December. A new issue is already under production, with some new talent added to the team.  Expect some early sketches and pages to be posted soon.

Never Forgive
Never Forget
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None of your damn business.
We are a group of anti-Scientology activists associated with the Chanology movement , operating in Japan .

We are working on a project connect to Anonymous Comics and We are looking for artists, writers, or any others who want to contribute to a manga that will be sold at the Tokyo Comic Market (aka Comiket).

Full credit will be given to contributing artists, but due to Scientology's Fair Game policy, it is highly recommended that any pen-names used not be easily traceable back to yourself IRL.

Leave a message if interested.


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